stage and screen stage and screen 1st All My Children Perez an EMT with an agenda 17917919 1st AMC role Perez takes Aidan away to the emergency room after being shot by Di Henry 17917920 Rectal exam by Dr Wicksteed nothing like a colon check! 6344500 'How I learned to Drive" Pulitzer Prize winning play was attened by the author Paula Vogel who also spoke that week in Orlando. 5015381 'Desire Under the Elms" Ephraim Cabot 5013064 "Love/Now" World Premiere of author Jack McGrath's play about a grief stricken hollywood screenwriter 5015382 "Love/Now" another pic at that time it was toughest challenge as an actor. I learned alot from the people I worked with and the author and director 5015383 'Arms and the Man' Ivanov the Russian Officer 5013062 'Habeas Corpus' Dr Arthur Wicksteed 5013061 Hawaiian Tropic on the set 5013063 167922368 Oh Well well I did my best! 6344522 what? What you didn't like it? 6344521 Boots as Lem talking to Tiny(Greg Coughlin) 8855388 Lem from Boots striking a pose for the publicity shots 10940279 LINES! always revisit your script! 10940280 Backstage with 'Boots' 15848720 Backstage with 'Boots' II 15848761 I was the voice for 'Sam' the puppet sitcom pilot : P.S. 102 9048220 De Novo 95782211 167922367 147487236 TIPS Scene still from recent film work 102228554 FireHouse 157704323 Cafe' 191905101 Cafe' 2 191905102 191905103 Elementary 191905104 Cafe' 191905105